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HEMOSPECTRUM (Homestuck)-The Water Down Version by AarondaImmortalSaint HEMOSPECTRUM (Homestuck)-The Water Down Version by AarondaImmortalSaint
The Hemospectrum the caste system of trolls.Trolls are grey skinned, golden eyes, yellow nails, and black haired humaniods.Trolls wield horns that are similar to candy corns.Trolls have an arthropod like biology.

THESE ARE THE FOUR CANON RANKS ON THE HEMOSPECTRUM !!!!!!!!!!!!.The fact that they are split into the two groups Highbloods and Lowbloods is to categorize the trolls easily.

Note : The Hemospectrum caste have an uneven sex ratio of trolls.There are more male sea dwellers, highbloods, and lowbloods and there are most if not all female midbloods.

*Sea Dwellers-Sea Dwellers are the highest on the hemospectrum.All Sea Dwellers have Violet Blood.Only two can have Fuchsia Blood.That is the Empress and the heiress.Sea Dwellers rule land dwellers with a fierce and unlimited ferocity and authority.Sea Dwellers are easily disguised by Land Dwellers.They have fin like protrusions, webbed digits and possible gills.Sea Dwellers are amphibious (They have the ability to live on land or in water).

-Fuchsia Blood-Royalty
(The Condesce killed her sisters, heiress, daughters, and exc just to be Empress of Trollkind.What a b***)
-Violet Blood-Semi-Royalty
(Violet Bloods have a boundless hatred againist Land dwellers.This is ironic because the Violet Blood generations encountered so far mated with land dwellers)

*Highbloods-Highbloods are the second highest on the hemospectrum and the highest among Land Dwellers.Highbloods are Purple Blood and Blue Bloods (Indigo Blood and Cerulean).Purple Bloods, also known as subjugglators, are the unpredicatable, capricious enforcers of the Sea Dwellers while Blue Bloods are nobles, who are known for their undying loyalty and pride, are controlled by the brutal power of the Purple Bloods.

-Purple Blood-Meta Greater Nobility
(Purple Bloods are very "spiritual" out of all the trolls, despite their brutality)
-Indigo Blue Blood-Higher Nobility
(It is implied throughout the comic that Indigo Blood trolls were mostly intergrate into the ranks of RUFFIANNIHILATORS or ARCHERADICATORS.Indigo Blood trolls are more violent like purple bloods because their blood color is a median shade of purple and Cerulean blue)

*Midbloods-Midbloods are the middle class/lesser nobility of troll society.Midbloods are comprised of Cyan Bloods (Teal) and Green Bloods (Olive Blood, Jade Blood, and Lime Blood).Midbloods wield no psychic powers.Teal Bloods are the highest of the midbloods.They utilize their stoic demeanor and unlimited intelligence to fulfill their role in civil servant positions.Jade Bloods are utilize to tend to monstrous beasts call Mother Grubs and baby trolls (also called grubs).Jade Bloods can be ressurected into vampire like beings called Rainbow Drinkers.This trait is only bestow among Jade Bloods.Olive Blood trolls and Lime Blood trolls are common and make up the majority of the Mid-Bloods.These two blood groups are the lowest of the midbloods.Midbloods by some are count as a lower class of highbloods/upper class of lowbloods.

-Cerulean Blue Blood-Lesser Nobility
(It is a privilege to be a Cerulean Blood psychic.It is a rare phenomenon among their blood rank.Cerulean is a blue with cyan tones added to it.)
-Teal Blood-High Class
(Their blood color is actually an assortment of green and blue, but it is actually green with blue hues added to it.Therefore they aren't highbloods but they still outrank the middle class Green-Bloods)
-Jade Green Blood-Upper Middle Class
(Rainbow Drinkers have the power of ressurection meaning they possibly have the power of regeneration)
-Olive Green Blood-Middle Class
(Olive Blood is common among Green Bloods.)
-Lime Green Blood -Low Middle Class
(There are three variations of this blood color despite Andrew Hussie confirming there are only 13 colors of blood in the Hemospectrum.They are extinct.)

*Lowbloods-Lowbloods are peasents/low class.Yellow Bloods, Candy Red Blood, and Rustbloods (Umber Bloods, and Burgundy Bloods) are all lowbloods.Lowbloods aren't violent but powerful psychics.Lowbloods are able to rival the powers of a subjugglator.They were violently opressed by Sea-Dwellers and Highbloods.They utilize their abilities to rebel againist the Highbloods during The Sufferer's lifetime, with the help of Midbloods (maybe some Highbloods and Sea Dwellers).Though their rebellion failed the disciples of the Sufferer's beliefs still live, letting his ideology live for times to come.Candy Red Blood is so rare it is not on the Hemospectrum.Those who wield such blood color are culled or abandoned to die.Because of this the Sufferer's disciples create lusii that would accept Candy Red Blood trolls.Candy Red Blood share traits of each caste.They are aggressive as Highbloods and Sea Dwellers.They have no psychic powers like Midbloods.And they are technically lowbloods due to their rarity.The Sufferer is the most notable of the Candy Red Blood trolls.He utilize his ideas and beliefs of the Hemospectrum to rally thousands if not millions of disciples and followers from different ranks.Like Midbloods, Lowbloods are common among trolls.

-Yellow Blood-High Peasantry
(Yellow Blood Trolls wield their psychic powers to move objects)
-Bronze Blood-Middle Peasantry/Common
(Bronze Blood trolls encountered so far have the ability to manipulate lusus or animals)
-Burgundy Blood-Peasantry
(They have the shortest lifespan, usually 30-60 human years)
-Candy Red Blood-Untouchable
(It seems Candy Red Blood trolls utilize their verbal abilities to motivate or unite their peers)

This all belongs to Andrew Hussie, the creator of Homestuck but I create this "picture" (Please ignore the errors I was rushing)

Traits of Sea Dwellers
-More violent than Highbloods
-Fin like protusions
-Amphibious anatomy
-Webbed digits
-Violet or Fuchsia Blood

Traits of Highbloods
-Purple or Blue Blood
-Revered and Fear
-Prized by Seadwellers
-So capricious they turn on each other
-Psychopathic/Sociopathic tendencies
-Like Seadwellers most don't have no psychic abilities

Traits of Midbloods
-Teal or Green Blood
-Own prestigious and exotic lusus
-Average temperament
-Rare if not average roles in troll society
-Faithful followers of The Sufferer

Traits of Lowbloods
-Yellow, Bronze, or Red Blood
-Powerful psychic except for Mutant (Candy Red Blood)
-Weak but powerful adversaries
-Faithful followers of The Sufferer
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